3M Road Stud Yellow pack of 100 ILC

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Series 290 Road Studs are permanent surface mounted reflecting road studs. They have tough polycarbonate microreplicated corner cube reflector lenses with a protective abrasion resistant ceramer coating. The stud bodies are made of an engineered thermoplastic that gives maximum impact resistance and weatherabillity Complementing other road markings and traffic signing, Series 290 Road Studs stand out at night to alert motorists to road changes such as bends and exits and to improve lane line guidance. Designed for application on all asphalt type road surfaces, they are compatible with 3M recommended bitumen adhesives. Series 290 Road Studs provide highly effective, long-life visibility at night and particularly in wet weather.

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Series 290 Road Studs using EN1463 part 1:1998 are classified as being Type P3A, i.e. Permanent, Plastic reflector with abrasion resistant layer, Nondepressible.



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Installation : Rs. 60+15% Service Tax / No.

for Bangalore only

1. Payment : 100% With PO / NEFT / RTGS/ CASH
2.Tax : VAT 14.5%
3. Delivery : with in 4 Working Days FROM PO.
4. Transport : To Pay / Extra As Actuals
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