Epoxy Grouting 1 Kg Pack

Rs. 750/- + TAX

Epoxy Grouting for Bolts installing Humps.

100% Solid Epoxy Liquid with Transperent  / Brown Hardner

packing Size of  Resin : 650 Grams

                       Hardner : 350 Grams

Total 1 Kg Pakcing

100% solids epoxy compound having high compressive strength and impact resistance for Grouting
Rresistant.  Also used for grouting of new Bolts or old grouts for making solid and perfect foundations, which resist high loads and vibration. pattern making, stone bonding, marbal bonding.


TAX : GST-28%

Products Details

Typical Properties:
Tensile Strength, MPa : 34
Compressive strength, MPa : 63
Hardness, Shore D : 87
Maximum Operating Temperature, 0C : 105
Mixing Ratio By volume, (R : H) : 1 (R) : 0.5 (H)
By weight, (R : H) : 2 (R) : 1 (H)
Pot life at 30 0C , minutes : 20
Full cure at 30 0C , hours : 6
Colour : Transprent  / Light Brown
Coverage, in3 : 224
Mixed viscosity, CPS : 10000

Mixing: Stir Resin box individually for at least 3 minutes using slow speed stirrer to disperse any
settlement that may have taken place during storage. Add entire contents of Hardener slowly but continuously to Resin while simultaneously stirring the Resin. Move stirrer up, down and around the sides of container till achievement of uniform colour.

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